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What is most important for our kids??

by Master Edward Aguirre

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The most important thing we as parents can give is love, setting good examples and DISCIPLINE. 

In today's society both parents must work so who is offering home education? Kids have their own keys to come in and out of the home. They look to other kids for advice and usually get the wrong advice. Kids fall victim to society, have no motivation to get an education, receive no supervision when browsing the internet, become depressed and obese, have no respect for parents, themselves or anyone else, try drugs and other worse things I chose not to say. 

At home some parents raise their kids as friends instead of as their children. When the kids grow up in this environment it is difficult for the parents to re-gain control. The kids rebel and do what they want. Parents lose control and crying is not the answer. You as a parent are responsible for the environment you create. The children look up to you for guidence and strength. 


I am not here to say that Wu Shu is the only means for this discipline. Why martial arts? A good martial art teacher in any style has lived the traditional discipline to pass it on. Discipline can be taught in many ways depending on the individual you are trying to teach. Any other sport is just an activity. 

We need to stop young kids from smoking and drinking at an early age, from roaming the streets at night with the wrong crowds. Where are the parents? Why are young girls getting pregnant? Answer: They are not in a home where they develop self-worth and respect. Peer pressure is telling boys and girls it's ok to do what we as parents say is wrong. Why are young boys learning to disrespect girls and later as men disrespecting women? It all starts at HOME. 

As a professional Wu Shu Master, I have the experience to teach anyone, but more important I love people and I want to make a difference in young people's lives. I want to do for them what their parents cannot do, I want to do what most working parents do not have the time to do. I want to give them a safe learning environment where they can learn to become respectful, intelligent, considerate and healthy individuals. 


Wu Shu is not a sport, it is a martial art! Everything depends on the proper teacher. A class is a home and those involved must respect the home or they will be taught to do it. They will be in a motivating environment where they will be appreciated and they will earn self worth and confidence. The exercises they are taught will develop their bodies to be agile, flexible and strong. I see male students come to my class an in 1 to 2 years become strong, taller, muscular and believe they can achieve anything. The female students grow to be more beautiful and have strong bodies but most important have strong minds to succeed. They develop the self-defense required to protect their lives and not allow anyone to take advantage of them. 

Wu Shu is a complex style, very versatile. So many movements to learn one wonders how can I do this. Properly taught a good technical instructor can explain body mechanics and combat application so that the student will understand. Wu Shu can train the mind to expand and a student can learn confidence to absorb the riches of life. For a better future, EDUCATION should be first! 

No other martial art is as challenging as Wu Shu, NONE! I have taught people from all martial art styles in my 33 years teaching all over the world. I have always said to them if you learn Wu Shu you will be able to do anything but you can be a black belt in anything and not be able to do Wu Shu. I have seen that all my life. 

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Kids are our future and what you see in the streets today will either make us proud or harm us. Parents wake up! This does not only apply to low income families but the well-off as well who think "OH this will never happen to my kids". Make family time and give love and discipline. Build confidence in your child's life. Make things fun! My classes are three hours and I cannot push the student to do anything when he or she is exhausted. What do I do? I do something fun like play basketball for 5 minutes, no rules just run and laugh and shoot. This fun they are sharing relaxes the mind and allows the body to relax, this way they return to work as hard as before. When your child is feeling ill or tired, do they not spring off the bed and start playing when given a toy or video game? The right person to teach your child is the person that can make them overcome their own barriers and insecurities and bring out the best in them! 

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