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The American Wu Shu Society for the Advancement of Wu Shu is a Not-for-profit 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Organization. Dedicated to assisting the International Federations in pushing Wu Shu to the Olympics. AWS mission is to implement Wu Shu into the Public School Curriculum. Through this discipline we will encourage youth to achieve their highest level of performance in both Academics and becoming positive and productive individuals in society. We provide accurate, exciting, and up to date information on everything going on in the world of Wu Shu. We focus on providing interactive and informative materials that will help you prepare to be a superior athlete and to learn more about the art of Wu Shu and its Ethics.


The true star of the movie "Fearless"

Everyone remembers the movie Fearless? Li Lianjie (Jet Li) portrayed the legendary Martial Arts Master Huo Yuanjia. His living grandson Huo Shoujin sued Jet Li, Fearless producers, Beijing Film Studio and Anle Film Co Ltd on March 7 in Beijing's Haidian District Court, for maligning the reputation of his family. Huo Yuanjia was born in Tianjin and died at the age of 41.


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