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The American Wu Shu Society for the Advancement of Wu Shu is a Not-for-profit 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Organization. Dedicated to assisting the International Federations in pushing Wu Shu to the Olympics. AWS mission is to implement Wu Shu into the Public School Curriculum. Through this discipline we will encourage youth to achieve their highest level of performance in both Academics and becoming positive and productive individuals in society. We provide accurate, exciting, and up to date information on everything going on in the world of Wu Shu. We focus on providing interactive and informative materials that will help you prepare to be a superior athlete and to learn more about the art of Wu Shu and its Ethics.


1st Professional Wu Shu Team in the USA led by the AWS

1st Professional Wu Shu Team in the USA led by the AWS

The American Wu Shu Society was established in 1989, solely for the promotion of Wu Shu in America. At that time the U.S. Wu Shu Federation led by Nick Gracenin was in charge and the U.S. Wu Shu Association led by former PKL (Professional Karate League) Wu Shu Champion Peter Morales. Since 1985 there have been World Championship events but nothing much happening in the U.S. to help the art grow.


Jeff Bolt had his events in Texas in the 80's. Other organizations also existed at that time or were created later on but focused on the traditional Wu Shu or as others call "Kung Fu." The AWS focused on the contemporary Wu Shu and we decided to form a team that will compete in monthly events to promote Wu Shu but not in an arena that already knows it exists but in a Korean and Japanese dominated circuit where we can win respect and acknowledgement. 

The American Wu Shu Society Team trials (November 19, 1989), consisted of 33 of the best Wu Shu athletes from all over the United States and one Patrick Kelly from Winnipeg Canada. We brought in 5 Chinese Wu Shu judges not known by many here in the states so that no politics would arise. Many well known athletes were members of the AWS team. Our sponsor left us stranded after team trials right before Christmas with the team already selected. The only thing we could do is to fund the team on Grandmaster Edward Aguirre's pocket, There was no choice. The honor of the AWS was at stake so early in the game and it had to be fulfilled. 

We were recognized by NASKA as the elite team of 1990 and 1991 and there is a letter from the Ratings director Mike McCoy to prove that, if anyone is interested.

We have always traveled teaching seminars, during the existence of the AWS, we have been invited to teach in Mexico, Barbados, Spain, South Africa, Brazil and Sri Lanka. 1996 and 1998 we established the Uberaba Wu Shu Society in Brazil and the American Wu Shu Society - Sri Lanka Branch.

In 2001, the AWS organized the first of its kind event here in New York. " The Koncrete Jungle's 1st Wu Shu B.boy/B.girl Dance Challenge. We are very proud of this because it will be the one that will accomplish what no one else since 1979 had been able to do. The judges were four incredible legends. We were honored to have film star and former professional Zhejiang Province team member Grandmaster Hu, Jianqiang. He came to perform and brought 45 students to demonstrate.

In 2005 we hosted the World Wu Shu Championships and Hip Hop Dance Expo in Miami, Florida. Nine countries sent their teams to compete in the Wu Shu competition. The best in Breakdancing came to compete in its own event. For the evening show the best in Wu Shu and Breaking performed in a Battle theme and it made the crowd go wild. Everyone had a great time.

1991 to Present the AWS has taught Internationally in:

Mexico D.F. 

St. Phillip Barbados W.I. 

Vittoria Spain

Krugersdorp South Africa

San Paolo & Uberaba, Brasil

Cayey Puerto Rico

Colombo Sri Lanka

Rome Italy

Kiev Ukraine


From 2000 to 2010 the AWS has structured programs in: 

Chinese-American Planning Council - P.S. 130 Hernando de Soto Elementary School - Chinese immigrants

Greenwich Village Youth Council - St. Patricks Recreation Center - Teen program

Goodwill Industries Beacon After school program - P.S. 141 Astoria NY

United Nations International School  - Kindergarten to 3rd grade children

Two Bridges Housing Projects - Gang Prevention Wu Shu Program - Lower Eastside NYC

Millenium High School - Financial district NYC


Guest workshops at:

Dance Theater of Harlem NYC

The Hip Hop Dance Conservatory - NYC

Broadway Dance Center NYC




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