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The American Wu Shu Society for the Advancement of Wu Shu is a Not-for-profit 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Organization. Dedicated to assisting the International Federations in pushing Wu Shu to the Olympics. AWS mission is to implement Wu Shu into the Public School Curriculum. Through this discipline we will encourage youth to achieve their highest level of performance in both Academics and becoming positive and productive individuals in society. We provide accurate, exciting, and up to date information on everything going on in the world of Wu Shu. We focus on providing interactive and informative materials that will help you prepare to be a superior athlete and to learn more about the art of Wu Shu and its Ethics.


President        Shifu Edward Aguirre                       New York USA

       Shifu Edward Aguirre 

                     New York USA

1968-1980 Twelve years extensive training in Mainland China.

Shandong Province, Jinan City – Coaches: Zheng Hai Zhen, Liu HuaiLiang and Master Yu Hai.

Beijing – Shi Cha Hai Sports School – 1978-1980 under Master Wu Bin & the Beijing Team.

Beijing Sports University – 1978-1980 Diploma under Master Men Hui Feng & He Rui Hong.

1974-1980 Won seven gold medals in China (Shandong & Beijing) State Wu Shu Competitions.

1980-1986 Competed in PKL circuit throughout the U.S.A and open events in New York.

1986 Retired from full contact undefeated and forms competition.

1989 Founded the American Wu Shu Society – November 19

1989 Established First U.S. Professional Wu Shu team for National competition

1991 Certified International Judge & Referee by the International Kung Fu Federation

Certified in Tui Na (Chinese acupressure) by Dr.Che-Cheng Chiang-Los Angeles

Conducted Seminars in Mexico City, Krugersdorp, South Africa & Barbados

1992 Invited to teach in Vitoria, Spain by Francisco Marta Blanco

1993 & 1999 Studied in Shanghai – Shanghai Technical Sports Institute

Masters Shao Shan Kang, Wang Pei Kun & Elite members of the Shanghai Team.

1996 Invited to teach seminar in Sao Paolo, Brazil – Broadsword & staff

1997 Received certification from Jet Li’s Coach

Master Wu Bin of the Chinese Wu Shu Research Institute - Beijing

1998 Established three youth programs to get minors off the streets:

Greenwich Village Youth Council, Chinese American Planning Council and Beacon/Goodwill

1999 Established American Wu Shu Society in Sri Lanka, India & Uberaba, Brazil.

Went to Hong Kong for 4th World Wu Shu Championships.

Beijing - Coach Ms. Zhu, Guijun - studied Nan Dao & Nan Gun Compulsory Routines

Shanghai - Coach Yao Wei Xing studied BaJi quan & Coach Shi Liang studied new drunken fist

US Acupressure & Shiatsu School – Certified 500 hours in Acupressure and Shiatsu 1, 2 & 3

2001 Founded the Konkrete Jungle’s 1st Wu Shu & Breakdance Challenge in New York City.

First time in History uniting two art forms that are dynamic combining martial arts and hip-hop.

2002 Formed the 4th Wu Shu Society in Cayey, Puerto Rico.

American Wu Shu Society becomes Non-Profit Organization

Inducted into the European Hall of Fame for Martial Art Contributions Worldwide in Valencia, Spain.

August 20-21 My students competed in an Open Invitational in Beijing, China plus training.

2003 Co-hosted the 1st Caribbean Wu Shu Cup – San Juan Puerto Rico July 12-13, 2003

Founded Ditan Wu Shu Sanda Guan

Inducted into the Latin America Hall of Fame – Grandmaster of the Year – Puerto Rico

Visited Macau for World WuShu Championships Nov. 1-5. I attended meetings with China Olympic and IWuF members to assist promotion of Wu Shu in the 2008 Games. Cities visited: Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Shanghai, Beijing and Korea.

2004 Teaching first seminar in Senegal South Africa and founding the Senegal Wu Shu Society

Will continue my support in China: Beijing, Hubei, ShenZhen, Nanning, LiZhou, Shanxi, & Guilin

VIP guest to the European Wu Shu Championships in Moscow, Russia – September

2005 Hosting World Wu Shu Kung Fu Championship & Hip Hop Dance Expo – Miami Florida

Traveled to China 3 times to promote a future World Event in China led by a foreigner

Invited by the Ukraine Wu Shu Federation to organize a new World Federation to unify nations

10th World Cup Championships in Milan Italy – USA Delegation co-leader

Conducted 2nd Seminar in Puerto Rico for Puerto Rico Wu Shu Society

2006 AWS Team leader invited to attend VI International Wu Shu Event in St Petersburg Russia

Invited to Puerto Rico Condado Plaza Hotel to run a wellness program for 200 employees – 2 months

US Capital Classics – Virginia – AWS wins 3 Grand championships and 6 1st Place Trophies

2007 AWS Pro team competed at the Compete Nationals – Ontario California March 2-4

Two members of the AWS –Ukraine branch competed and won 2 Grand Championships

2008  Coaching at the United Nations International School - NYC

2009  Coaching at the YMCA Chinatown & Millennium High School – Financial District NYC

Establishing a relationship with the Government of Greece to build Wu Shu in 2010

2010 Teaching seminar in Mexico DF March 8-15

Invited to teach a Master class at Broadway Dance Center – NYC Premiere Dance School

Workshop at Hip Hop Dance Conference - NYC

Personal Goals:

          I.     Promoting Wu Shu to the Public School system in New York

        II.     Establish an Olympic Wu Shu training center in New York

      III.     Continue my work with youth

       IV.     Small role in a movie with Jackie Chan or Jet Li


Knowledge of Taolu in levels of beginner, intermediate, advanced & professional forms:



  1. Nan Dao (Southern Broadsword)   
  2. Nan Gun  (Southern Staff)   
  3. San Jie Gun (Three Sectional Staff)   
  4. Jiu Jie bian  (Nine Section Whip Chain)   
  5. Zui Jian  (Drunken Sword)   
  6. Chang Shui Jian (Long Tassel Sword- women form)   
  7. Pu Dao (Long Handle Cutter)   
  8. Guang Dao  (General Guang’s Famous weapon)   
  9. Shuang Dao (Double Broadsword)   
  10. Dao Shu  (Broadsword)   
  11. Gun Shu  (Cudgel)   
  12. Qiang Shu (Spear)   
  13. Sheng Biao (Rope Dart)   
  14. Shuang Gao (Double Hook swords)



  1. Chang Quan (Long fist)
  2. Nan Quan (Southern fist)
  3. Tang Lang Quan (Mantis fist)
  4. Ying Zhua (Eagle Claw boxing) 
  5. Zui Quan (Drunken Fist boxing)
  6. Tong Bei (White Ape boxing) 
  7. BaJi Quan (Eight Extremes fist – Internal)
  8. Ditang Quan (Earth boxing).

Fighting sets:

  1. Two men armed or unarmed 2. Spear vs Empty hand 3. PuDao vs Spear 4. Staff vs. 3 Sectional Staff


Trained under Master Wu Bin and classmate Li Lian Jie (Jet Li) 1978-1980 Beijing China

Certified Coach under Master Wu Bin

Certified Coach under Master Men Huifeng

Beijing Sports University SanDa team under Master Xia Bo Hua

2 year study at Beijing University of Physical Education - Certificate

Organized 1 National and 1 International Championship in the USA

One of my students was accepted into Jackie Chan’s Personal Stunt Team

Have trained actors of Ninja Turtles, PowerRangers and Mortal Kombat movie

Free kids program from all boroughs of NYC in its 9th successful year 




Vice President 
Joel Hofman - San Francisco


Felicia H. Bradford - New York City 

Felicia Harden-Bradford is a mother, Occupational Therapist and Filmmaker. She currently lives New York City. She got involved with Wu Shu 2 years ago when her oldest of 2 boys started. She took one class and has been hooked ever since. Now the entire family attends classes. She evaluates children with possible learning disabilities throughout the 5 boroughs of New York City and produces 1-2 films a year.




Monique Garraud - Brooklyn, New York

Since as far back as she can remember, Monique has tackled life's many challenges with poise and determination. Monique, a scientist by trade, spends most of her days dedicating time towards the study of immunotherapeutic drugs used in the treatment of cancer. In her free time, Monique offer's personal chess lessons to young children and always finds time to relax while creating handcrafted goods.

Wu Shu has helped shape her worldview to include a deeper appreciation for dedication and hard work.


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