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The American Wu Shu Society for the Advancement of Wu Shu is a Not-for-profit 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Organization. Dedicated to assisting the International Federations in pushing Wu Shu to the Olympics. AWS mission is to implement Wu Shu into the Public School Curriculum. Through this discipline we will encourage youth to achieve their highest level of performance in both Academics and becoming positive and productive individuals in society. We provide accurate, exciting, and up to date information on everything going on in the world of Wu Shu. We focus on providing interactive and informative materials that will help you prepare to be a superior athlete and to learn more about the art of Wu Shu and its Ethics.


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To all those who follow the AWS an organization formed in 1989. 28 years supporting Wu Shu all over the world may come to an end this year. Our local district councilman for the past 3 years has failed to grant us council funding and I have been financially carrying the weight of this organization out of my pocket. I was just sent an email saying that my application for 2018 funding has not been fulfilled. People do not want to give money specially for something they do not care about. People love their own kids but do not care about programs and organizations who pour out to changing young peoples lives. I am not longer stressed because for me it is sign of FREEDOM. What hurts is to lose something which in this country is very difficult to get and that is tax exempt status. Hard to believe that the AWS is recognized by 117 countries and that now it may mean goodbye. 

A Wu Shu Society changing kids lives

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Top photo: Kids competed at the Twin Towers Karate Classic on September 26, 2015 held at the World Casino and Resort and they won three 1st Place Trophies, one 2nd Place and one 3rd Place. 


Left photo: Kids competed at the Jingshan Cup on October 5, 2015 held at Queens College and they each won a gold medal in the category of Long Fist hand form competition. The AWS provides the program and DiTan Wu Shu provides the leadership and instruction. 


This is a program where your children will learn not only the physical education to a high level but bring forth mentally strong kids who wish to excel. We've been productive since 2003 and are worthy of your attention and support.

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